Golf Course

Golf Course

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#1 - Par 4

Hole number one is a medium length par 4. Favor the right side of the fairway as trees overhang the left side.

Yardage: 405 | 386 | 368 | 296

Pro Tip

The approach shot typically plays 1 extra club uphill to the relatively flat green.

#2 - Par 4

Hole number two is one of the longest and most difficult par 4s at Sunnyside Country Club. Be sure to use enough club because the approach is uphill and traditionally plays into the wind.

Yardage425 | 412 | 351 | 344

Pro Tip

A bogey 5 is never a bad score on this tough hole.


#3 - Par 5

Hole number three is a 3 shot par 5 for most players. Ponds on the right off the tee and left on the approach guard the fairway to a narrow green.

Yardage: 557 | 546 | 499 | 420

Pro Tip

Layup shots closer to the green will be rewarded with much better angle into the green. Any shot over this narrow green is a very difficult up and down.

#4 - Par 3

Hole number four is a beautiful downhill par 3 over water. Any shot falling short of the green will meet a watery grave.

Yardage172 | 147 | 126 | 109

Pro Tip

The green slopes toward the water more that it looks so play a little extra break and be careful putting down hill.


#5 - Par 4

Hole number five is a straight par 4 with out of bounds left. Long hitters may want to use less than driver off the tee to avoid the fairway bunker on the right side. Any tee shot that flies the fairway bunker could risk running into an unseen pond.

Yardage365 | 354 | 311 | 305

Pro Tip

From the fairway, the approach plays about half club downhill.

#6 - Par 5

Hole number six is a short, uphill par 5 that will give longer hitters an eagle opportunity. Bunkers protect both sides of the fairway off the tee so accuracy is key.

Yardage489 | 478 | 437 | 433

Pro Tip

If players can carry the fairway bunkers left, about 225 yards off the tee, the green is very accessible from the left rough.


#7 - Par 4

Hole number seven is a downhill par 4. The tight fairway slopes into the left trees so favor the right side of the fairway.

Yardage381 | 376 | 345 | 339

Pro Tip

A safe play off the tee with a fairway wood or hybrid will keep players short of the fairway bunker and in the widest part of the fairway, from there players are left with a mid or short iron to the downhill green.

#8 - Par 3

Hole number eight is a short par 3. Don’t let the distance fool you, with water short and left of the green and bunkers long and right, players will be happy to leave this hole with a par.

Yardage155 | 145 | 126 | 102

Pro Tip

Check pin location and be aware of bowl in middle left area of the green.


#9 - Par 4

Hole number nine is another long, uphill par 4. The green slopes severely from back to front so keeping your approach below the hole is key.

Yardage419 | 407 | 373 | 326

Pro Tip

Drives down the right side of the fairway will get a good bounce leaving players with a shorter club into the green.

The Turn

#10 - Par 4

Hole number ten is a dogleg left par 4. The approach shot plays downhill to the large green.

Yardage375 | 366 | 339 | 335

Pro Tip

Don’t be afraid to hit less than driver on this shorter par 4, the approach also plays downhill.


#11 - Par 5

Hole number eleven is a long, uphill par 5. Bunkers on both sides of the fairway require an accurate tee shot. With a good drive the green could be reached in two but an accurate shot is need to a narrow green.

Yardage: 507 | 597 | 446 | 401

Pro Tip

If you are a long enough hitter to attack this hole in two shots, be sure to avoid the fairway bunker 50 yards short of the green and one of the hardest shots in golf.

#12 - Par 4

Hole number twelve is one of the shortest pat 4’s at Sunnyside. The fairway is very tight with trees both left and right. A pond short of the green may be reachable off the tee for longer hitters so hitting a club less than driver could be a smart play.

Yardage395 | 345 | 317 | 269

Pro Tip

With the pin on the right side of the green, take the less aggressive line toward the middle of the green. Shots missing the green right face a very difficult up and down.


#13 - Par 3

Hole number thirteen is a medium length par 3 with a large green sloping from back to front. Bunkers long and left allow for a player to bail out to the right if needed.

Yardage: 187 | 157 | 155 | 129

Pro Tip

Club selection is key into this nearly 40 yard long green.

#14 - Par 4

Hole number fourteen is a severe dogleg left. Long hitters may be able to carry the bunker on the corner but a miss to the left can cause a lot of tree trouble.

Yardage399 | 389 | 380 | 321

Pro Tip

Unless you can carry your drive 240 yards to cut the corner, take the safe rough straight down the fairway.


#15 - Par 5

Hole number fifteen is a slight dogleg right with a large pond along the right side of the fairway. Surely, a 3 shot par 5 except for only the longest of hitters. Bunkers surround a narrow green that angles away from golfers approach shots.

Yardage533 | 522 | 456 | 406

Pro Tip

Players will want to leave themselves with a full shot and favor the right side of the fairway into the angled green that slopes from front to back.

#16 - Par 4

Hole number sixteen is a long, dogleg left par 4. Considered to be one of the most difficult par 4’s at Sunnyside. Three large bunkers and out of bounds left of the fairway along with trees and water right, if a golfer can hit the fairway they are then left with a long iron approach.

Yardage422 | 394 | 332 | 327

Pro Tip

The hole can be shortened by cutting the corner but must carry the bunkers on the left. The safe play is to aim at the single tree down the middle of the fairway. Check the yardage to this point and select the club that would come up just short of that yardage.


#17 - Par 3

Hole number seventeen is the longest par 3 on the course. Bunkers short and left of the green make this a very difficult green to hit.

Yardage202 | 192 | 182 | 138

Pro Tip

The hole usually plays 1 club uphill and traditionally into the wind so club selection is key.

#18 - Par 4

The signature, finishing hole at Sunnyside Country Club is a par 4 that doglegs slightly to the right. A club less than driver will help players avoid the straight away fairway bunker and mounds on the right.

Yardage368 | 358 | 290 | 284

Pro Tip

When the pin is in the front of the green, be very careful attacking the hole with your approach. Any shot above the hole will leave players with a knee knocking severely downhill putt.